Naftali Credit Partners, L.P. is a real estate investment firm focused on the origination and purchase of real estate debt instruments. Its focus is primarily on mezzanine debt, preferred equity and first mortgages on transitional properties in gateway U.S. markets. Naftali Credit Partners lends on projects requiring flexible capital in illiquid segments of the market that traditional banks are less likely to finance due to increased regulation, transaction complexity or execution requirements that are better suited for an integrated real estate firm. Naftali Credit Partners has the ability to act as a one-stop lender, serving as the sole lender originating the whole loan, or can originate or purchase loans that are subordinate to senior debt provided by banks and other institutional lenders.


Currently investing out of its first commingled vehicle, Naftali Credit Partners is a closed-end, discretionary fund with a diverse mix of institutional and high net worth investors. Naftali Credit Partners’ goal is to provide borrowers with seamless and competitive execution while providing its investors with superior risk adjusted returns and significant downside principal protection.


The firm is headquartered in New York and operates as a subsidiary of Naftali Group, a vertically integrated developer and owner-operator of residential, commercial and mixed-use properties founded by Miki Naftali. Naftali Group’s structure and in-house capabilities enable the venture to invest in a wide range of debt opportunities across all development stages. The in-house team has the expertise needed to oversee everything from deal sourcing to development monitoring and construction liaising to cultivate one of the strongest debt portfolios in New York and elsewhere. As an active participant in the New York real estate market, Naftali values its reputation and seeks to provide capital solutions to top-tier sponsors who are creating the most thoughtfully conceived and well-executed projects.


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Executive Vice President | Acquisitions