The Businesses Behind the Far West Village’s Recent Growth

October 17, 2016

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The ambition to revitalize the last cobweb-laden corners of the neighborhood has likewise inspired the Naftali Group, as evidenced in its latest development, The Shephard (275 W. 10th St., 212-995-1010), on the corner of West 10th and Washington Streets. The concept reimagines a one-time dockside warehouse, a redbrick and granite testament to the neighborhood’s past. Working with the local design studio of John and Christine Gachot, the developers created 38 apartments, including three penthouses. They filled the development with custom amenities: an indoor half-basketball court, a garden filled with trees, and a library with shelves curated by art publisher Assouline.

“You can get lost in those apartments,” laughs Matt van Damm, Naftali Group’s head of marketing and design—“and in our city, space truly is luxury.” A longtime local, van Damm takes a particular interest in this project. “It really is still a village—you know the shopkeepers, cobbler, the local barber. The woman who owned the small grocery store near my home gave me flowers when my son was born.”

Locals like Claire Chan echo that story. “There’s such an appeal for families—the proximity to the Hudson River, the great schools,” she says. “There’s a sense of calm when wandering this neighborhood, and in Manhattan ‘calm’ is a rare find.”