We are real estate developers. Our diligence, focus and successful execution have made us leaders in New York City and globally. We are passionate about our work and committed to excellence in developing luxury residential and mixed-use properties.

We are the Naftali Group.

Naftali Group is made up of highly specialized individuals with expertise in complex financial structures, capital market financing, acquisitions, construction, marketing and design. Through innovation and discipline the group has come to own, develop or operate 15 residential and mixed-use properties representing approximately 1,300,000 sf with an overall value estimated over $1.75 billion.

The NAFTALI GROUP employs creative, out-of-the-box thinking in all of its investments. Our in-house capability and reputation has put us in a position to handle all aspects of a real estate transaction. Whether it’s a large-scale, ground-up development project, a redevelopment project, or a building improvement, we are actively involved in all aspects of the development and construction process. This includes planning and design, obtaining approvals, monitoring all budgets and costs and supervising construction.

Our extensive experience in the debt capital markets, coupled with our broad array of relationships with lenders, allows us to assess and structure debt quickly and efficiently on superior terms to other borrowers. Our track record of debt terms and restructuring demonstrates our ability to navigate the capital stack, strengthening the GROUP’s position as a borrower.

We have a special focus on value add and opportunistic development opportunities that produce superior risk-adjusted returns. Historically, this focus has proven success for Miki Naftali and his team, resulting in strong returns.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Executive Vice President of Construction
Executive Vice President of Operations
Executive Vice President of Marketing and Design
Executive Vice President of Acquisitions