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November 12, 2021

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Providing a striking architectural moment from inside and out, arched windows are a unique addition that instantly elevates a home’s grandeur and character.

First used hundreds of years ago during the heyday of the Roman empire, arched windows were originally utilized for their stability as buildings began growing taller and grander. Today, the arched window has become a status symbol for condo developments, seen on some of the most luxurious residential buildings throughout the country. Here we have rounded up 5 residential developments featuring beautiful arched windows.

200 East 83rd, the new Upper East Side residential tower by Robert A.M. Stern Architects with interiors by Rottet Studio, is a celebration of the neighborhood’s architectural romance. Drawing inspiration from the grand structures along Park, Fifth and Madison Avenues and the historic clubs and cultural institutions that have shaped the Upper East Side, Stern and his partners synthesized a unique design language for the Modern Classical building. One resulting component is arched windows, found within 200 East 83rd’s monumental indoor/outdoor amenities spaces and select Penthouse residences.