Naftali Group, a privately held global real estate development and investment firm based in New York City, has a prestigious track record, having lead some of the most significant developments and landmark restorations. Founded and led by Miki Naftali, Naftali Group is highly specialized in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties in premier geographic areas with strong potential growth while maximizing the value of unique and irreplaceable assets.

Naftali Group pursues strategic acquisitions and continuously grows its extensive portfolio of new development condominiums, income-producing, mixed-use properties and other assets. Through innovation and discipline, Naftali is recognized as a leading developer with a current and past portfolio comprised of more than 30 projects encompassing more than $9 billion in total value.

Naftali Group employs creative, out-of-the-box thinking in all its investments. Naftali’s in-house capability and reputation allows the team to handle all aspects of a real estate transaction across the development and investment life cycle. Naftali Group has a dedicated team of skilled professionals who specialize in all facets of development: from identifying, acquiring, financing and transaction structuring, to architecture and design, construction management, marketing and sales, and asset management

Naftali sets itself apart in the industry with its unique ability to target development opportunities and restore landmark properties to create value and generate strong returns. Superior results are achieved by leveraging strong relationships with the world’s most respected financial institutions, capital partners, and investors. Naftali Group is highly experienced and disciplined in strategically timing and repositioning businesses to optimize returns and target its developmental activity throughout various economic cycles.

Due to Naftali Group’s extensive experience in the debt capital markets coupled with the broad array of relationships with lenders, Naftali assesses and structures debt quickly and efficiently on attractive terms. Naftali has a specialized focus on value-add and opportunistic development opportunities that produce superior risk-adjusted returns in an aggressively and exceptionally timely manner. Historically, this emphasis has proven success for Miki Naftali and the team, resulting in strong returns and tremendous corporate growth.

Naftali Group is extremely appreciative of its partners and lenders, many of whom have become repeat partners over many years on multiple projects.

Naftali Group extends its focus and success through well-timed and well-executed sales and marketing strategies. Following every acquisition transaction, the in-house team begins planning a sophisticated development plan and implementing a targeted sales and marketing strategy. Naftali’s diversified expertise includes complex projects from repositioning and conversions to ground-up new developments.

Naftali Group collaborates with world-renowned designers, builders, and sales and marketing professionals to capture sophisticated finishes and efficient layouts that combine the finest elements of exceptional design and construction. Portfolio-wide, Naftali seeks to maximize operating revenues and maintain the lowest possible overhead, while maximizing occupancy and producing the highest possible profit margins

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