8 Luxury Condos With Jaw-Dropping Fitness Amenities

March 28, 2017Read Full Article

Gone were the days when so-called residential gyms were basically poorly lit rooms with couple treadmills in the basement. Nowadays, luxury properties have a wide variety of fitness amenities that could likely entice sports fanatics to lose their gym memberships. Wonder what are the most jaw dropping ones in the States?



Enjoy the best of old-school West Village charm and modern amenities in The Shephard, which has a 1,200-square foot fitness gym, golf simulator room, a versatile sports court with basketball hoop, rock climbing bouldering wall, and a movement studio with cutting edge Pilates equipment such as reformer, Wunda chair system, Cadillac and ladder barrel, among others. With a luxurious resident spa and on-site concierge, residents could easily get in-house personal training, private Pilates classes, massages and physical therapies tailored to their needs.


Are you ready to throw some punches? Practice your boxing moves or enjoy the wide range of workout facilities at The Shephard.