The Real Deal:

Naftali Group Chairman Miki Naftali Unveils Visionary Miami Project at The Real Deal Showcase

December 15, 2023Read Full ArticleDownload PDF

South Florida real estate is about to undergo a transformative shift with Naftali Group’s entry into the vibrant Miami market. In an exclusive interview with The Real Deal, Naftali Group’s Chairman and CEO Miki Naftali discussed the driving forces behind their expansion, showcased their upcoming project “Jem,” and highlighted the unique qualities that set Naftali Group apart in the industry.


Naftali emphasized the meticulous approach that defines Naftali Group’s success. “Each and every project that we design and build is sold out before the building has a TCO (Temporary Certificate of Occupancy), and before the buyers are at the point that they can move to the building,” said Naftali. “The results speak for themselves.”


Entering the South Florida market was a decision based on recognizing a genuine demand for a quality product. “We spent a tremendous amount of time creating the product and listening to the market,” explained Naftali. “Miami is mature enough for our product at this point in time.”


The spotlight of the interview was on “Jem,” a 70-story project in Miami World Center. Naftali emphasized that only the top of the tower, floors 43 to the summit, is available for sale. The project comprises 259 private residences and a remarkable 50th-floor amenity space, which features an outdoor pool with an artistic sculpture that creates a truly distinctive living experience.


“Jem’s” location in the Miami World Center is a core to the building’s identity. “What we love about the Miami World Center is that this is one of the only two neighborhoods in Miami and in South Florida that are walkable,” said Naftali. “This is so unique in South Florida.”


Naftali Group’s success is attributed to its deep understanding of buyer preferences and market demands. “We listen to the market, we speak to as many brokers as possible, we try to understand what is the demand in the market, what the buyers are looking for,” explained Naftali. “That’s what we create; we cater to the demand.”


Looking ahead, Naftali is optimistic about Miami’s future. “Miami has everything to offer,” he said. “We always like to be in an area that there is a strong demand, in an area that we can come up with a beautiful product, well-designed product and present it to the market.”


As Naftali Group continues to make waves in Miami, the unveiling of “Jem” signifies not only a remarkable addition to the skyline but also a testament to the group’s commitment to delivering exceptional and in-demand real estate products.