New York City Luxury Towers Inspired by New York History

April 19, 2022Download PDFRead Full Article

Design inspiration can be found all over New York City thanks to the city’s landmarked buildings and overall rich architectural history – not to mention its vibrant parks and green spaces. Now more than ever, architectural firms are looking at a building’s environment to inspire its facade and overall exterior as a way of storytelling. With design steeped in New York City history, the new buildings listed below tell their own unique story of New York City’s past and present.



Rising approximately 500 feet above the corner of 83rd and Third Avenue, 200 East 83rd is its own celebration of the Upper East Side’s architectural romance. The tower’s traditional masonry façade of hand-laid Indiana limestone is embossed with wildflowers that were native to the area. Robert A.M Stern Architects wanted to pay homage to this historic location by memorializing these now extinct New York flowers in a way that would provoke people to want to learn more while bringing a little bit of the past to the present. These intricate and eye-catching details are carved around the building’s elegant custom-brushed blackened nickel front door, allowing them to be admired at street level. Expanding on the classic Upper East Side tradition, the building also features sculpted railings that echo the street’s treelined greenery.