An NYC Garden Party | Naftali Group Development

October 27, 2016

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Guests enjoy cocktails and live music and toured the model apartment at The Shephard as Miki Naftali and DuJour’s Jason Binn hosted a soirée for the opening of the property’s beautiful garden space

An apartment at The Shephard

From L to R: Adam Williams, Daniel Lazar

From L to R: Alexandre Assouline, Danielle Naftali, Andrew Warren

From L to R: Bill Hemmer, Miki Naftali, Frieda Naftali, Jason Binn, Danielle Naftali

From L to R: Carol Wright, Eric Caldwell, Hollie Graham, Kerry Mader

Guests enjoy the garden at The Shephard

Guests view an apartment at The Shephard

From L to R: Jason Binn, Jay Neveloff, Miki Naftali

From L to R: Mine Arslanbek, Anna Xue, Amy Chan, Lona Alia, Yesim Arslanbek

Musician Jonathan Russell