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Top 4 Best Indoor Pools In Manhattan Residential Buildings

January 21, 2022

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Indoor pools at residential projects used to be just a space for residents to exercise and not much thought went into the look and feel of their designs. Now, pools at some of the world’s newest residential projects are set within ultra-high-design spaces, drawing residents into luxe pool rooms that are true oases they actually want to spend time in all year round, whether they’re swimming or not.

1. 200 East 83rd

The 17th floor at 200 East 83rd, the new Upper East Side residential tower, features a seventy-foot pool that allows residents to feel like they’re swimming in the sky. Uniquely situated in the middle of the 35-story limestone-clad tower, the pool room features a vaulted ceiling, honed limestone walls and a double-height loggia with floor-to-ceiling arched windows and French doors. This massive space exudes old-New York opulence and creates visual drama while inviting the outdoors in and allowing for natural light, fresh air and incredible New York City skyline and Central Park views.