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“Look Forward” to Enjoy Outdoor Life in the Post-Epidemic Era (translated to English)

January 13, 2021

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 In the post-epidemic era, real estate developers have successively launched low-density exquisite residential projects with outdoor activity areas, looking forward to providing occupants with privacy and perfect top life enjoyment. As the first new construction project along Madison Avenue, The Benson will bring 15 comfortable and outstanding luxury apartments to the Upper East Side.

An elegant mansion like a handmade jewelry box

The exterior of The Benson building uses hand-inlaid Indiana limestone exterior walls, with delicate custom-made hollow carved iron double doors and large viewing windows, which resemble a sacred and beautiful handmade jewelry box, while reflecting the intimate and delicate soul of the Upper East Side. This 19-storey residence was designed by renowned architect Peter Pennoyer and shows the long-awaited respect for the architectural heritage of the Upper East Side. Residents enjoy the terraces, courtyards and public outdoor spaces that are scarce in urban life, as well as the green park landscape.

The concierge lobby in the building and the cinema in the public facilities were created by the Italian architect Achille Salvagni. The overall plan is full of life experience and a strong artistic atmosphere, which not only makes it easy for people to enjoy a comfortable family life, but also highlights the residents’ Unique taste. All residential units are divided into half-storey, double-floor and multi-storey spaces, all equipped with private elevators. Many of the residential units have private outdoor activity areas, including townhouses with private gardens, which can be accessed from the terrace. Penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park.

The core, modern and lively are the interior design purposes of The Benson. The living room adopts traditional style, blending into classic proportions, and adopts super large windows and high ceilings to show the neat and fashionable modern style. The entertainment space includes the living room, formal dining room, and library, aligned with the large windows facing west, allowing each space to be bathed in the warm afternoon light.

The bay window derived from the architectural form adds charm to the master bedroom. The window couch is an ideal place to relax and relax. The bathroom of the master bedroom has an elegant and clean and simple design. The oversized window above the bathtub is comfortable You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while taking a bath. At the same time, the bathroom also uses stone to pave the floor with a warm texture, makes good use of rich finishes and details, and is equipped with a custom-made sink, large shower and radiant floor heating. Create a graceful and wonderful life experience from the inside out.